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Creating, Discovering & Innovating

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The foundations for innovation at Queen’s are driven by curiosity and creativity expressed across the humanities and arts, social sciences, science, health, and engineering.

Themes in this area include:

  • Creating and producing nationally and internationally recognized performances, including music compositions, theatre productions, and screenings. Artists, scholars, and researchers offer new means to reflect on experience and to engage with social, economic, and technological change, as well as dimensions of citizenship, belonging, and identity.

  • Exploration and discovery in the areas of the natural and physical sciences. This research, using various combinations of theory, experimentation and computation,?leads to a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of how things work.

See also: Centre for Advanced Computing (formerly HPCVL)

  • Developing advanced materials, with improved physical, social, or environmental properties, and in particular, green chemicals, polymers, and nuclear materials. This research plays a vital role in enhancing our nation’s prospects for economic growth and for facilitating and sustaining our competitive advantage globally.

See also: Department of Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering

  • Advanced technologies — creating new products or making existing processes “greener." Advanced technologies arise as a result of discovery-based findings. The implementation of the findings is a distinct and separate task that requires specialized knowledge and resources.?

See also: Office of Partnerships and Innovation, GreenCentre Canada, Human Mobility Research Centre

Researcher spotlights:

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