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A member of the prestigious U15 Group of Canadian Research Universities, Queen’s has a long history of unmistakable discovery and innovation that has shaped our knowledge and helped address some of the world’s deepest mysteries and most pressing questions.

Research Cards

  • [Dr. Sari van Anders]
    Canada 150 Research Chair
    Expanding our Understanding of Human Sexuality

    Renowned sex researcher Dr. Sari van Anders is joining Queen's University as the Canada 150 Research (C150) Chair in Social Neuroendocrinology, Sexuality, and Gender/Sex

  • [Sudbury Neutrino Observatory]
    Understanding our universe
    2015 Nobel Prize in Physics

    Dr. Arthur B. McDonald received the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for ground-breaking research proving that neutrinos have mass.

  • [Dr. Praveen Jain]
    A greener
    Dr. Praveen Jain, Canada Research Chair in Power Electronics

    From the space station to renewable power, Dr. Jain's 72 patents (+ 38 pending) are transforming industry with energy-efficient electronics.

  • [Doctor in hospital]
    Advancing cancer treatments
    Canadian Cancer Trials Group

    With 500 clinical trials in 40 countries, the CCTG is transforming discoveries into new treatments for better patient outcomes.

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