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Mandate of the University Ombudsman

The mandate of the University Ombudsman is to provide independent, impartial and confidential advice. This may include facilitating the informal resolution of concerns and complaints in support of University policies and procedures and in accordance with best practices in organizational conflict management.


The Ombudsman performs a variety of functions including providing information, referring inquiries to the appropriate individuals or offices, offering advice, intervening to facilitate a resolution, investigating concerns, recommending fair resolutions to individual cases, making recommendations for policy changes and addressing systemic barriers to fair processes?(Terms of Reference 6.1).

The Ombudsman may, with the consent of one of the individuals involved, conduct an informal inquiry concerning matters thought to warrant such treatment. When the inquiry has concluded, the Ombudsman shall evaluate the merits of the concern and notify the parties of the findings. It is possible the Ombudsman may?find that a concern is not substantiated. In such cases, the reasons for this conclusion will be explained to the individuals involved. Otherwise, the findings may form the basis of a case-specific recommendation and/or a recommendation involving policy and/or procedures (Terms of Reference 6.6).




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