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Your guide to all things international at Queen's

Queen’s is a diverse and dynamic, academically acclaimed, university that provides students with an exceptional learning experience in a vibrant, safe and supportive community. A core part of our mission is to engage our students, staff and faculty in international learning and research, both at home and abroad.

Academically Acclaimed: Queen’s attracts students who excel at academics – with an entering average of 89.4% – and world-class faculty who regularly win awards for teaching and research. We repeatedly rank in the top five of research-intensive medical/doctoral universities in Canada.

Diverse and Dynamic: Queen’s students, staff and faculty from more than 100 countries around the globe form a unique community that is dynamic in nature and diverse in outlook.

Safe and Supportive: Our students learn and develop to their potential within a safe and nurturing environment, with accessible safety support services that help them feel at home here as soon as they arrive.

Life-Changing Experience: Whether studying here or on one of our opportunities abroad, the student experience at Queen's is about learning by doing, inside and outside the classroom.

Vibrant Community: Kingston’s beauty, accessibility, vibrancy and charm have encouraged its ranking as “one of the top five university towns in the world” by the BBC.

Success Oriented: Queen’s has the highest student retention rate, the highest graduation rate, and one of the highest employment rates among recent graduates of any Canadian university.

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