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Submit a picture for the Queen's website

If you have a recent photo of activities on campus (club or sporting events, for example) or of the campus itself that you would like to share, we would love to consider using it on queensu.ca, in our social media accounts, and in other Queen's affiliated websites, platforms and publications.

We can only accept photos that are submitted by their creators. Please do not submit a photo taken by someone else.

Use of the photo is at the discretion of the webmaster and will depend on several factors, including photo quality, date of creation and subject matter.

Please upload a high quality unedited photo – i.e., the original photo, untouched.

If we use your photo, we'll give you proper credit. Unfortunately, we cannot restrict users from downloading photos without permission for their own use.

Please note that we do not post photos of children without direct permission of parents or guardians.

Tip: For Queen's homepage and social media accounts, we almost always use photos composed in (or easily cropped to) landscape orientation, measuring about twice as wide as they are tall.

For more information, please contact:

Robin Moon
Group Manager, Electronic Communications
Department of Marketing, University Relations
613-533-6000 x 75897

Note: Form may be slow when submitting large images. Please only click the submit button once.

i.e. ArtSci'18
Enter your Twitter and/or Instagram ID so that we can tag you if we use your photo on social media.
If different from the name supplied above. Please only submit pictures you have taken yourself.
(An approximate date is fine.)
The photo must be JPG format, a maximum of 8MB
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