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From department assistants and librarians to admissions coordinators and researchers, our staff and faculty are the heart of the Queen's experience.

At Queen’s, we value our people and are committed to providing a supportive and rewarding work environment.

International Educator Resources
  • International Educators' Resources:
    Developed by the Queen's University International Centre in the area of risk and responsibility in study abroad.

  • International Educators Training Program (IETP):
    Practical competency-based training to those working in the field of international education (e.g. study abroad, international student advising, administration of international programs, intercultural communication, etc.).

  • SGS 802. English Language Communication Skills for Teaching Purposes:
    A graduate level course offered to Graduate Students/Teaching Fellows who are non-native speakers of English and who need to improve their English-language communication skills to better support undergraduate students in their learning. The course focuses on teaching strategies, classroom communication skills, cross-cultural awareness, and English pronunciation. Contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning for more information.


  • [Free Software]
    Free Software!

    Did you know that IT Services offers free software to students, faculty, and staff? Check out what is available and find out how to download each title.

  • [Arthur B. McDonald Canadian Astroparticle Physics Research Institute]
    The McDonald Institute

    The McDonald Institute visitor centre is a place where you can take part in the global scientific conversation and learn more about how science impacts our lives.

  • [Faculty180]

    Faculty180 is a new software tool that provides a convenient place to keep a record of and manage CV-type information. Available to all Queen’s faculty, librarians, and archivists.

  • [active learning classroom]
    onQ Support

    Everything you need to get up and running with onQ, Queen's Learning Management System!

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