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Campus Life

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Getting Around

[walking]Queen's is a small, pedestrian-friendly campus with services, lecture halls, and residences within walking or cycling distance of each other. And downtown Kingston is on Queen's doorstep, allowing students to take full advantage of the downtown core without having to splurge on transportation.

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Bike Storage: In addition to the traditional bike racks that are installed around campus, cyclists are encouraged to use a secure bike storage facility, located in the courtyard between Mackintosh-Corry and Dunning Halls. Learn more about bike storage...

  • Bikes and Boards: A centre for bike and board safety, maintenance and culture that promoted carbon-free alternative transport and healthy lifestyles

  • Yellow Bike Action: A volunteer-run bike shop which provides reconditioned bikes for sale and inexpensive bike repairs.

  • Drop Bike: a bike-share service

  • Rack and Roll: Buses in Kingston offer bike racks from spring through fall.

  • Kingston cycling routes




Car sharing: Two car sharing programs, offered by VRTUCAR and Student CarShare, are now available to the Queen's community. Learn more about car sharing...


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Bus-It Program (AMS): Full-time students with unlimited access to Kingston Transit bus services. Learn more about Bus-It...

Transpass Program (City of Kingston): The Queen's community can buy bus passes at discounted rates. Learn more about Transpass...

  • Kingston Transit Bus System: Bus stops are located across campus and service is free with your student card between September and April.

    Use Kingston Transit's Trip Planner tool to plan your bus trip door-to-door. It's simple and available 24/7.

  • Amey's Greenwood Taxi Ltd: 613-546-1111

  • Kingston & Amherst Taxi Co.: 613-542-3333

  • Modern Taxi Cab Limited: 613-546-2222


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Travelling Outside of Kingston


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