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?Retail & Services

Need to stock up on supplies, but don't want to venture downtown? Queen’s has a variety of retail stores and other services conveniently located on campus. Please check individual websites for hours of operation.

Please refer to our Campus Map for building locations.

Retail Stores Location
Campus Bookstore Clark Hall
Campus Equipment Outfitters Clark Hall
DrugSmart Pharmacy Queen's Centre
Grocery Checkout Fresh Market Queen's Centre
Grocery Checkout Express JDUC, Lower Level
Oil Thigh Designs JDUC, Lower Level
Q-Shop, Athletics Store Athletics & Recreation Centre
Tricolour Outlet, including Tricolour Express JDUC, Upper Level

Other Services Location
Bank Machines
  • Biosciences Complex
  • Botterell Hall
  • Clark Hall Pub
  • Goodes Hall
  • Grad Club
  • JDUC, Lower Level, across from KHAO
  • Jean Royce Hall
  • Mackintosh-Corry Hall
  • Queen's Centre
  • Victoria Hall
Bikes and Boards John Deutsch University Center (JDUC), Room 046
To book an appointment, email bikesandboards@ams.queensu.ca
Campus Dentist

JDUC, Lower Level
613-533-6000 ext. 33328 or 613-549-3840

Canada Post Mailboxes
  • Outside the JDUC, on the Union Street side
  • Across the street from the Campus Bookstore, on the way to Miller Hall parking
  • Mackintosh-Corry Hall
Simply Esthet-X

JDUC Lower Level, 87 Union Street West
Text: 612-328-1544

Jessica's Aesthetics

JDUC Lower Level, 87 Union Street West
Contact: Jessica Riddell

Parking Department Rideau Building, 2nd Floor
Publishing and Copy Centre (P&CC) JDUC, Lower Level
Queen's Day Care Centre 169 Union Street
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