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  • [Adelaide Hall]
    Adelaide Hall in the fall
  • [photo of Jean Royce Hall on a summer day]
    Jean Royce Hall
  • [Leonard Hall on a sunny spring day]
    Leonard Hall
  • [Harkness Hall]
    Harkness Hall
  • [Victoria Hall]
    Victoria Hall
  • [Chown Hall]
    Chown Hall
  • [Gordon-Brockington House]
    Gordon-Brockington House
  • [Leonard Hall]
    Leonard Hall
  • [Ban Righ Hall]
    Ban Righ Hall
  • [Waldron Tower]
    Waldron Tower
  • [Leggett Hall]
    Leggett Hall
  • [Morris Hall]
    Morris Hall
  • [McNeill House]
    McNeill House
  • [Watts Hall]
    Watts Hall
  • Tthe Lazy Scholar in Victoria Hall]
    The Lazy Scholar in Victoria Hall
  • [Adelaide Hall]
    Adelaide Hall in summer
  • [photo of a room in Adelaide Hall residence]
    A student studying in her room in Adelaide Hall
  • [Graduate Residence]
    Graduate Residence

Queen's is a residential university with most students hailing from outside of Kingston. Year after year, more than 90% of incoming first year students come to Queen's from other areas of Ontario, Canada, and the world.

, home to more than 4,500 graduate and undergraduate students, are more than just a place to stay while attending university. Here, you’ll meet incredible people from around the world – students with diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, values and interests. You’ll also be invited to participate in a variety of social activities, cultural events and educational programs.

Most residences on main campus are within a 10-minute walk to classes, libraries, the Athletics & Recreation Centre (ARC), and our many dining facilities.

In fact, most student housing, Queen's-owned or otherwise, is within a 20-minute walk to campus. Whether you choose to live on campus in residence or off campus in the University District and beyond, Queen's has a unique sense of community. Welcome to your home away from home!


Information and Services

Queen's has a variety of support services and information to help students make the transition to independent living.

Residences and housing support services...
For all Incoming Students (Including Undergraduates)
Listing of all Queen's residence buildings ?
Accommodation Listing Service ?
Campus Accessibility Guide Identifies accessible entrances and other accessible facilities of campus buildings
Community Housing Manages the student rental properties owned by Queen’s University, including family-style rentals in An Clachan and John Orr Tower
?Dynamic Queen's University Property Locator Map (Google) ?
FYNIRS (First Years Not In Residence) Provides a social network for first year students living off campus
?The Residence Society Student governement in residences, providing student representation, a peer-based discipline system and social events.
Municipal Affairs Commission(AMS) A student resource for everything from landlord-tenant issues, leases, and property standards to information about the City of Kingston. Also runs an online housing database, Holiday Housecheck, free home inspections, and the Golden Key awards for notable landlords.
Kingston Student Housing Co-operative or Science'44 Co-op Provides accommodation for 172 students and a meal plan for 125 co-op members attending Queen's or St. Lawrence College
Senate Residence Committee Advises the Associate Dean of Student Affairs in matters of residence life policy
Student Safety & Community Living ?
Student-Community Relations (formerly "Town Gown") Provides resources and education on landlord-tenant issues
For Graduate/Mature Students
An Clachan Complex A series of 19 apartment buildings containing 260 spacious one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments for graduate students
John Orr Tower A 16-story apartment building with 123 one-bedroom apartments equipped with refrigerators and stoves; mainly populated by student couples and single students.
For International Students
International Housing Office Off-campus housing information and support for new international students
HousingAnywhere A student-to-student housing database, of which Queen's is a member, that helps?outgoing Queen's and incoming international students find temporary accommodations while on exchange
For Landlords
How to list a property with Community Housing ?
For New Faculty & Staff
Housing tips (see Faculty Recruitment and Support Program) ?


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