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Queen's is committed to making our planet a healthier place, starting with our own campus. Living green every day is about reducing our impact on the environment through choices about what and how much we consume, such as energy and food products, and what we leave behind, such as garbage and pollution. As a member of the Queen's community, there are a number of easy ways for you to "Live Green."

Video: ASUS Committee for the Environment (ACE) highlights some environmental initiatives on campus, introduced by students, faculty, and staff of Queen's University.

Cutting down on carbon emissions:

Managing waste:

[water station photo][bottle fill station]

Consuming more sustainably:

  • See the Sustainable U section of the Hospitality Services site for information on fair trade goods and local food initiatives
  • Maintain a garden plot at the Community Garden space on West Campus
  • Use the Queen's Local Food Guide to accessing local food at Queen’s University and in our nearby Kingston community.
  • Visit the Earth Centre and learn how to transform environmental concerns into positive action through green consumerism and innovative discussion
  • Indulge in your favourite coffees, teas, soups, and sandwiches at the Tea Room, a student-run cafe that operates with an environmentally and fiscally sustainable business model and that also educates customers about the impact of their decisions on the environment
  • Go vegan!

Getting involved:

  • Take part in Earth Day, Earth Hour, and other sustainability-minded events and lectures on campus throughout the year
  • Participate in student government sustainability offices and committees:

[student studying outside]

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