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Building an Inclusive and Accessible Community

  • wheelchair ramp outside Ellis Hall

    Queen's has a vision and commitment to building an inclusive campus community with accessible spaces and services.

  • two guest of the Accessibility Hub launch look over the blue folder

    The Blue Folder Initiative began at the Accessibility Hub Launch Celebration in October 2013.

  • photo of a service dog

    A service dog taking a breather and enjoying the sunshine outside the Queen's Centre.

  • Heidi Penning (Equity Office) delivering AODA training

    Heidi Penning from the Equity Office delivering Accessibility training to the AMS.

  • a visual fire alarm

    Visual Fire Alarms are used throughout many buildings and residences on the Queen's campus.

  • People working out in the Revved UP! Gym

    The Revved Up! Program is an accessible exercise program for people with a mobility impairment.

  • sign with text and braille stating Adaptive Technology Centre

    Signage that includes braille can be found throughout many buildings on the Queen's campus.

  • large automatic door opener button

    Browse the Campus Accessibility Guide for descriptions of accessible building and room entrances.

  • a wheelchair ramp into the pool in the Athletic and Recreation Centre

    Many of the facilities inside the Queen's Athletics and Recreation Centre are wheelchair accessible, including the pool!

The Accessibility Hub is a central online resource for accessibility at Queen’s. It will serve to elevate inclusion and improve access for everyone on our campus. The Accessibility Hub will not only provide support and feedback concerning accessibility initiatives, it will also serve as an online community for those seeking information on disability and accessibility issues on campus, and assist the university in meeting its obligations under the AODA. Learn more about Queen's Accessibility Initiatives.

Queen’s University is committed to building a campus community that is inclusive for all individuals, and ensuring that its services, supports and spaces are accessible for persons with disabilities.

We are a community that works together to create an environment where everyone has a full and enriching Queen’s experience.

Successful learning, living, and employment outcomes are the result of a shared responsibility and commitment on the part of students, staff, faculty, and senior administrators towards removing and preventing barriers to participation.

Accessibility means:

every student, staff and faculty member feels welcomed and supported on the Queen’s campus, and that it is a truly inclusive community where we all have equal access to what we need to learn, discover, think and do our very best work.

Daniel Woolf
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

Get Involved

We all have a role to play. Consider getting involved in the accessibility movement at Queen's University and become an Access Ally.

What is an Access Ally? Somebody who defends, supports, or promotes accessibility.

Why are they important? Access Allies provide leadership and demonstrate ways to elevate and improve accessibility and inclusion to their peers. Peer-to-peer communication is powerful and effective.

Who do we benefit when we make Ontario accessible?

Video is captioned

Video Transcript - Who do we benefit when we make Ontario accessible?

Equity Office Blog

Equity Office Blog "Together We Are"

Blue Folder Initiative

screenshot of the blue folder

The Blue Folder assists students, faculty, and staff by providing accessibility information, supports, services and resources.

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