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?Academic Showcases

Queen's students gain valuable experience and skills through competitions, team challenges, and at conferences - both Queen's- and student-run. They also showcase their talents and research by participating in many inter-collegiate, provincial, national, and international competitions.

Explore some of the different showcase opportunities available at Queen's...

[KPMG winners]
Queen's Commerce students, from left, Alexis Frey, Abigail Chau, Nicolas Bernal, and Stephane Gosselin, won the 2016 KPMG International Case Competition. (Photo courtesy KPMG)
The top prize at the 2015 Queen’s Innovation Centre Summer Initiative Pitch Competition went to Gryllies, a company developing an alternative protein source from cricket flour.

General Academic Showcases

[Cara Yin, 3MT]
Cara Yin, winner of 2015 competition and the National 3MT People's Choice Award

Program-specific Academic Showcases

Faculty of Law
Smith School of Business
A demonstration of “Corgi Defence”, a game that uses natural and intuitive hand gestures for interaction at the annual Creative Computing event, hosted by Queen's School of Computing.


The Opening of "Capturing the Journey, the QUIC Photography Exhibit at the Pump House Museum in 2015
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