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The Queen's Viewbook provides a comprehensive overview of this extraordinary university from an undergraduate perspective. The publication is rich with details on our academic programs, extra-curricular activities, and the community-minded spirit we call the "broader-learning environment."

2019 Viewbook (21 MB)

[Douglas library in the fall]

Faculty and School Viewbooks:

Other program-specific information and downloads are available on the faculty websites.

?Annual Report

Annual Report Website

Since our founding in 1841, generations of students, scholars, staff, and donors have created a lasting foundation for Queen’s. And each year, it is up to us to build upon it.

Daniel Woolf
Principal and Vice-Chancellor

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175th Anniversary

[Queen's 175th Anniversary logo]The 175th Anniversary Final Report has been moved to the Strategic Planning site...

Faculty Recruitment

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An Overview for Prospective Faculty (1 MB)


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