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Administration & Governance

Chancellor Mr. Jim Leech
Principal and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Daniel Woolf
Rector Ms. Alex da Silva
Interim Provost and Vice-Principal Academic Dr. Tom Harris

[Convocation ceremony]
Photo by Bernard Clark

Vice-Principal Advancement Ms. K. Bertrand
Vice-Principal Finance and Administration Ms. D. Janiec
Vice-Principal Research Dr. K. Woodhouse
Vice-Principal University Relations Mr. M. Fraser
Deputy and Vice-Provosts
Deputy Provost Academic Operations and Inclusion Dr. T. Shearer
Vice-Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies Dr. F. Quadir
Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs Ms. A. Tierney
Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning Dr. J. Scott
Vice-Provost and University Librarian Ms. M. Whitehead
Associate Vice-Principals
Alumni Relations ?
Faculty Relations Mr. D. McKeown
Finance and Administration Mr. S. Tanner
Human Resources Mr. S. Millan
Human Rights, Equity and Inclusion Ms. S. Simpson
Indigenous Initiatives and Reconciliation Kanonhsyonne, Ms J. Hill
International Dr. J. Scott (interim)
Facilities Mr. J. Witjes
Research Dr. S. den Otter, Dr. K. Novakowski
Information Technology Services (also Chief Information Officer) Ms. J. Doyle
Planning and Budgeting ?
Partnerships and Innovation Dr. Jim Banting (Assistant Vice-Principal)
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Dr. K. Deluzio
Faculty of Arts and Science Dr. B. Crow
Smith School of Business Dr. D. Saunders
Faculty of Education Dr. R. Luce-Kapler
School of Graduate Studies Dr. F. Quadir (also Vice-Provost)
Faculty of Health Sciences Dr. R. Reznick
Faculty of Law Mr. W. Flanagan
Student Affairs Ms. A. Tierney (also Vice-Provost)
Office of the University Registrar
University Registrar Dr. J. Metcalfe
Office of the University Advisor on Equity
University Advisor on Equity Ms. S. Simpson
Office of the University Ombudsman
University Ombudsman Ms. H. Cole (interim)
University Secretariat and Legal Counsel / Governance
Secretary of the University Mr. L. Knox
Board of Trustees ?
Senate ?
University Council ?
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